How to order

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration....

Have a good nose through my galleries to get ideas.


Think about colours, gather photos of favourite things, have a really good think about the person you are buying for.


The best work I have done is when I have an overload of information about that person or baby.

First contact....

It's good to talk!


Make contact by either emailing me ( or using our contact form (here).


Let me know what kind of thing you'd like. You don't have to write it all fancy....just tell me what you want as if you were emailing a friend.


If you are thinking about a basic name canvas, please let me know

~ Name

~ Colours you're considering?

~ Patterned letters or plain?

~ Extra images?

~ Date of birth on?

~ Written or number format?

~ Copperplate or modern?

Finalising details

I will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours with a quote and an estimated date of delivery.

(I try and get each canvas finished within a week, but that does change depending on the time of year obvs).


It may take a few emails back and forth to get the details 100%, but it's best to do that at this stage in order to get your gift as perfect for you as possible.

Sketching stage!

Once I have as much information as possible, I will draw you out a sketch of your canvas / card / egg / pebble / commission.


If there was anything you were debating to put in or not I can even draw you a few different versions...I want you to be completely happy!


I will photograph the sketch and email it over to you for your approval

Sketch approval and deposit

You can still make changes at this point, and I can adjust the sketch as many times as it takes until we get to something you love.


Once you have given me final approval I would ask that you send me 50% of the payment as a deposit to cover materials.


You can do this via Paypal or if you do not have Paypal just let me know in our initial conversations.


Painting stage

Once I have received your deposit and your go-ahead, I will get painting. 


I will give you an estimated finish date, but bear in mind that this isn't always 100% accurate due to life and other natural disasters! If it is a really special event, just err on the side of caution and make sure you leave enough time :o)


As soon as I'm finished painting I will photograph your finished piece and email it to you. You can still make minor changes or additions, even at this late stage.


Final approval, payment and postage

So if you are 100% happy I would expect remainder of your payment at this point, plus postage (which would have been included in original quote).


If it's going straight to the recipient I can add in a small gift card for no extra charge.


Once I have received payment I will need the address it's going to and I will post 1st class recorded delivery.


...and we're done!


It's not as long winded as it looks, just lots of communication to get it right....which is what makes the gifts so special to be honest.





I would like to use images of your item on here and on my facebook page to help promote my work, If you'd rather that I didn't please let me know during the process


Thank you!

LauraLovesLetters x

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